Addressing system level changes that are impacted by your policy can maximize its success and improve satisfaction. For example, what healthcare changes are needed when a wide-spread smokefree air policy is passed? Possibly a more robust smoking cessation program or increased availability of smoking cessation medications. What changes are needed to support tobacco retailers when a tobacco sales policy is passed? Possibly training for clerks and signs to inform customers of the changes.

Coalition Framework: Policy


  1. When a new policy is passed, discuss with your coalition which systems will be impacted.
  2. Meet with key stakeholders from the systems identified to find out what changes are needed for the policy to be successful.
  3. Make a plan and deliver.


Čaŋlí Coalition Example

billboard, we card sign, kids with vapes

In late 2019, the federal government increased the age to purchase tobacco to 21 with little warning to young adults or tobacco retailers. The Canli Coalition responded by amping up smoking cessation promotion for young adults, and supplied tobacco retailers on the reservation with an informative letter, updated We Card signs and a training video for clerks.

When our local schools updated their tobacco policies, the Canli Coalition offered an alternative to suspension option for students with tobacco violations. Our “Think Again” packet gives students the opportunity to learn about addiction and quitting support available to minors.