Gathering people (physically or virtually) for a common goal can be a great way to draw local attention to your issue, gain new supporters/followers, or connect with others throughout the nation. See Resources & Partners for details on national dates, such as Through with Chew in February, Take Down Tobacco in March, Red Ribbon Week in October, or the Great American SmokeOut in November.

Coalition Framework: Education


  1. Find a national event that fits your goal.
  2. Research the theme, promotion materials, and resources for your chosen event.
  3. Make a plan to promote the event and schedule presentations or informational booths.
  4. On the day of the event, present on the topic, set up educational tables with give-a-ways (visit Local, State or National Resources or Wearables & Shareables), schedule press releases, and take and share photos.



  • Use national resource campaign webpages for ideas and themes, but customize them to fit the needs and culture of your local community.
  • Use the national hashtags (ex. #TakeDownTobacco) and tag other events using the organizers handle (ex. @TakeDownTobacco) on social media to get wider coverage.

Čaŋlí Coalition Example

We invited youth volunteers to record a radio PSA promoting the Great American SmokeOut.

feather illustration

To include cultural lifeways, we… used two of the Lakota values (honor and respect) in our event local poster.

National and Local Posters