Expect it to take several years of regular reminders before the community gets used to the policy. Even after you see a shift in social norms, remain steadfast in enforcing the policy.

Coalition Framework: Policy


  1. Get signs to distribute.
    1. Your state department of health may offer free signs you can order and distribute.
    2. Customized signs to fit your local culture and policy can also be very effective.
    3. Use your coalition members to watch for businesses or locations that are in need of a sign.
    4. Don’t be afraid to follow-up if a business doesn’t post the sign you gave them.
  2. Support event organizers to enforce the policy.
    1. Provide enforcement notes and educational facts to the announcer.
    2. Sponsor an ad in the event program with a friendly policy reminder.
  3. Mail a letter with policy reminders on a recurring basis.
  4. Empower your supporters to give friendly verbal reminders if they see policy violations.
  5. Get friendly with law enforcement. Touch base periodically to find out how policy enforcement is going from their perspective. Let police officers know you appreciate their support. For more tips on policy compliance go to the section on monitoring compliance and threats.


Businesses aren’t posting the signs you provided…

  • Don’t be afraid to give them a friendly reminder. 
  • Offer assistance to post the sign for them. Youth volunteers tend to get the best response with this approach.

Čaŋlí Coalition Example

The Canli Coalition drafted a letter to notify all businesses of Ordinance 77 after it took effect. The Tribal Chairman and Secretary signed the letter and the Canli Coalition mailed the letter to business owners and managers. The Canli Coalition got a list of businesses from their partner at the Tribal Revenue Office and a list of Tribal Programs from the mail distribution office. This process is used every year on the anniversary of the Ordinance passing to remind businesses of the law.

We faced challenges enforcing our smoke-free policy at events like powwows and rodeos. Event organizers and announcers were happy to help with a little support (see planning section above).

feather illustration

To include cultural lifeways, we… organized a Lakota Smoke-Free sign contest and got some beautiful artwork to customize our signs and give them a local feel.

images of signs and usage