Parades are fun for participants of all ages and a great way to reach a large audience with a simple educational message.

Coalition Framework: Education


  1. Choose a theme for your float and decide what message and visuals you will use.
  2. Purchase and tag give-away items with your message. 
  3. Ask volunteers to sign up – you’ll need decorators (2-5), walkers/riders (10-20), a driver, and possibly characters to dress up.
  4. Write up a description of your float explaining the mission, theme, sponsors, and some relevant educational statistics for the parade announcer to reach.
  5. Register your parade float with the organizer and submit your written description.
  6. Day before – decorate your float and contact volunteers to remind them of the meeting time and location.
  7. Day of – assign volunteer roles (Who will walk and hand out items? Who will ride and assist walkers? Who will wear costumes?).

Materials needed

What if?

You don’t have enough volunteers…

  • Offer an incentive, like t-shirts or a gift card to a local store.
  • Invite youth groups.
  • Invite your family and friends and ask stakeholders to do the same.


  • Make sure your message is short and easy to understand. You will only have the bystander’s attention for about 10 seconds.
  • Tag give-away items with small slips of paper that contain your message on it
  • No matter how many give-a-ways you prepare, you’ll probably run out without a little guidance for walkers. Preparing bags with a specific number of items ahead of time can help. Tell volunteers that they each get X number of give-away bags that has to last them the whole parade.

Čaŋlí Coalition Example

The Canli Coalition’s members are never disappointed when they volunteer for a parade. It’s always a good time and one of the Coalition’s favorite activities.

people participating in a parade