Recruiting coalition members is the first step. It’s equally critical to retain your members and keep them engaged in the coalition’s work. Treat all coalition members as a team and make sure they know their opinions and ideas are valued. Listen to their desires, and try to incorporate them. Let the members guide the discussions. 

Coalition Framework: Community Engagement


  1. Allow many opportunities for members to be involved in events and activities.
  2. Recognize members who go above and beyond with an award, thank you note, or acknowledgement during a meeting.
  3. Invite members to be involved in setting goals and objectives during meetings.


Identify 2-3 people to work on coalition membership list, retention, and recognition.

Materials needed

  • Simple gift or plaque for members who go above and beyond


What if?

Members don’t engage regularly…

  • That’s ok! Meet them where they are (figuratively) and let them know you’re happy to accept whatever they can offer, even if that’s just a quick phone call to a decision maker or periodic attendance at events.

You start losing members…

  • Ask former members for advice on changes they would recommend (e.g. meeting time or location, events or activities they would like to see, different objectives, etc.)
  • Set aside time for members to share why they are involved as a reminder to themselves and others.


  • A little appreciation can go a long way! Write personal thank you notes to members who volunteer or partners who support your coalition.

Čaŋlí Coalition Example

The Čaŋlí Coalition honors members or partners who go above and beyond with a “Čaŋlí Champion” award, a small traditional gift, and their name on a plaque that hangs in our meeting room.