The Tribal Tobacco Policy Toolkits have been created to support tribal people in their
efforts to educate one another about the dangers of commercial tobacco use and
advocate for commercial tobacco policies in our communities.

Commercial tobacco use is the number one cause of all cancers and emphysema, and
is the leading preventable cause of heart disease and stroke among American Indians.
The best way to protect our youth, elders, and loved ones from tobacco-related diseases
is for our tribes to adopt policies to prohibit smoking commercial tobacco in schools,
tribal buildings, restaurants, parks, casinos, and public places.

Together we can stand against commercial tobacco and empower one another to fight
for our children, our elders, and our communities.

Three versions of the tooklit are available for you:


These toolkits include information on:

     The sacred use of tobacco
     History & American Indian specific statistics
     Strategies for communities & schools
     Overview of tribal governance systems
     Partnership development
     How to take action - advocacy & policy promotion

If you have problems downloading these files or would like printed versions,
please contact us at

Community Toolkit

Download PDF (10.9 MB)

K-12 Toolkit

Download PDF (9.7 MB)

Post-Secondary Toolkit

Download PDF (9.4 MB)